Making Movements in our Legal System: Starting from now!

When it comes to the world we live in many of us, especially my generation, tend to view the legal system as a perplexing collection of articles and statutes that have an affect on us as citizens. Some feel that they only matter when they infringe upon their own lives or that they seem unfair. The stories and situations that have been emerging throughout the years has in fact created a surge in the number of people who are showing defiance to certain matters, more so when it comes to government measures or initiatives, however, this too relates to the operation of many of our laws.

The truth is, these articles and statutes do matter to our lives. Many of these were enacted before we were ever born leaving them in our minds obsolete. Some were even enacted without our knowledge. These statutes specifically make people feel as if their voices are not being heard, This collection of neglected citizens creates a division of society that voices their opinions and ensures that their voices are being heard, and this for certain has become an even greater trust since the evolution of Social Media.

The legal eco-system we all co-exist in matters to the young and old. The needy and the privileged. To ignore the importance of the application of such statutes would be futile to any reasoning behind a legal system. The truth is, without a legal system we would not act as civilised human beings. We would act upon our animalistic nature and react to our impulses without any regard for others. It’s true to say that this already happens, but imagine if no laws existed at all. Chaos.

I once wrote about issues like mindfulness, gratitude and acceptance of others. Now I write about understanding.

The hope that people will understand why it is that we have a legal system in place. To hope that people will understand that those in power are not the only ones with control and that the generation that comes next will make movements on the stagnant, archaic system that governs us today. The idea that things can be changed and that we can be the ones to change it is not a fairy-tale illusion of a ‘Curious Day Dreamer’ like you or me. It is a possible reality. However this cannot be done by warriors behind a keyboard, or hopeful 21st century Bohemians waiting for a movement to begin. The movement begins with me. With you. With your friends.

Most importantly it begins with your perspective.

Are you happy with the way things are right now?

If you knew that something could be done about your legal system, wouldn’t you try to change it?