The Disillusionment of the Modern Day Revolutionist

In my 23 years of existence on this globe of continuous-development I have come to the conclusion that 2 things are definite. Firstly, we as humans strive for change and our bodies and minds seem to love to connect with our souls more so now than ever. Secondly, even though we have this thirst for change and developing those systems and ideals that we oh-so-crave for, something that comes so naturally to us, we tend to hang on to dated, regressive attitudes when it comes to the people we should be engaging with.

To create the systematic attitude that’s needed for the regeneration of humanity (and I’m aware this sounds like something from a sci-fi movie but bear with me) we need to investigate and create awareness of the problems and the reasoning behind these recurring issues in our society.

This is just a starter post to get back into the swing of things but unlike my other posts, I will try to engage with you, my readers, and attempt to try to come to a conclusion as to why our mind-frames are immersed in the tenacious belief that change is never going to come and that we are inevitably bound for the destiny’s laid out for us. I will also be doing follow-up posts from this one and I hope I will hear back from you on your thoughts as well, as we have to remember that we are all neighbours and siblings on this earth and the collective power of many creates a potentiality for great possibilities.

Remember that your thoughts and your beliefs create your perceptions and ultimately your destiny.

Control your own destiny and life will bring with it ultimate possibilities!

Until next time… 🙂

One is enough ❤

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