You are your own controller – Tell that to your mind!

Have faith in the unexpected <3

When it comes to the daily afflictions that affect us, we tend to allow our minds overpower our sense of logic and reasoning. Things that would usually not affect us would then gradually start to cause us to doubt ourselves, our actions and our direction.

Whatever it is that is tormenting you or stopping you from being the best person you can be at that moment. STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. If it is still bothering you then write it down. Really look at what you’ve written and ask yourself:

“Is this problem really worth stressing over?”

“Have I allowed this to stop me from enjoying myself?”

“Is this something I can handle myself?”

Our problems can really haunt us and make us think that there can be no positive outcome from any direction we decide to take. However that is far from the truth. Only you can decide what you are going to allow to affect you. You have the power to tell yourself that you can overcome anything, and hold on to that power, because you are the master of your own mind and you should never allow negative thoughts or actions affect your plan. You should remind yourself of all of the things you have overcome and really put these thoughts, your imagination and obsessions into perspective. Remind yourself that you have overcome worse challenges and that this is just another one of those that you’re unfortunately going to have to add to your list, but when we add this to our list we’re allowing positive things to happen by stopping the train of negative thoughts and opening up our acceptance of positive energy.

We all have to face it. Shit happens. But at the end of the day it is up to us, and only us, to stop our minds from creating negative energy, that will only in turn create negative thoughts that will reflect itself through negative behaviour. It’s basic. I know it’s hard to stay positive when it feels like all that is happening is negative thoughts or energy, but it will get better. The only person that can help is you.


2 thoughts on “You are your own controller – Tell that to your mind!

    1. Thank you, i’m back in the game again, I had to have a few words with myself to stop being so distracted by all of the naughty things life throws at us 😛 Thank you for reading!

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