You’ve only got one life – So make sure you live it right

Have you ever felt that you were stifled? That your creativity or ability to apply yourself to something you really cared about just dissolved over time, without explanation?

We are beings that require balance. We seek for the ability to be able to enjoy everything we love in contrast with the responsibilities of having to gather food, find a mate and reproduce. These were the original lifestyles of the neanderthals that we evolved from. Yes, our society has grown and evolved to become the civil society that we have become, yet these habitual tendencies still remain, however, in a more ‘civilized’ society with a heightened importance with regards to money and egotistical evaluations of hierarchy.

 In my opinion, and i’m hoping some of you agree, that life is about SO MUCH MORE than sitting behind a desk for pretty much most of the rest of your life, THIS IS NOT A LIFE. You deliberatly dig yourself into a hole that, at some point, will become too deep to get out of. That’s your career for the rest of your life (By the way, those in college should understand that your course work reflects NOTHING on the original career – Don’t drop out if you enjoy it).

Now i don’t mean that some people wouldn’t like office work. I meant the hypothetical sense – In a dull job that you don’t like. No enjoyment. No prospects. No fulfillment. Nada!

This is just an example of the way that we drag ourselves down in ‘acceptance’ of living a life that limits us to the opportunities that can actually allow us to acquire the fulfillment that we’ve craved? One way about doing this is by just APPRECIATING everything you have! You have clothes on your back, a roof over your head, a phone, friends and family – and if you don’t THATS OK! You are a strong individual that deserves to be happy and you can become ANYTHING once you put your mind to it! EVERYONE BELIEVES IN YOU!  Some might be jealous but it’s one of the side effects from all the positive things we’re given as attributes, in a way?

I was once in a hump.. and i never knew why i couldn’t get out of it. It was only because i refused to acknowledge everything i should have been appreciative of. amazing people around me that have always been there for me through everything. When i was in my hump i never thought of the nice things they said or done even by association, it’s like you’re almost focusing on the negative and denying any positive light into your life.

I think you are stronger than you seem. You have the opportunity of changing your thought pattern, and convincing yourself that you are worth your time and that you can change things.

Ask yourself. What am i good at? What can i do that i would enjoy doing for the rest of my life? Am i an activist? Get into Law. I’m doing law and i love the idea of being able to CHANGE THINGS. To try to change this country and others for the better. But i realise that’s my passion.

FIND YOURS. Music, Art, Cooking, Social Care, Engineering.. ANYTHING.

Don’t waste your life sitting around waiting for that light bulb moment that springs upon you at a moment when your down in the dumps – that’s hollywood!

You’ll just have to face life head on, and It’s your optimism and confidence that will aid you to accomplish the ambitions you outlined for yourself.. It does take time. You need to evaluate what you want to do or who you want to become and how you will achieve that.

Have fun in the process – Just have a mission statement and checklist in your mind.

Always be yourself, stick to your instinct and enjoy the ride that is life!

Till Next Time




6 thoughts on “You’ve only got one life – So make sure you live it right

  1. Very inspirational miss white!!! Il be reading ur blog from now on 😀 positive thinking……thats what you need in life!! And your right dont let jealous people bring you down!:D

    1. Thanks hun! Yeah I try to write a few positive words hoping that it gives someone a bit of hope. It only takes a few words to change someones outlook and hopefully change their life for the better 🙂

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog. I like your positive attitude here! Just remember that no matter what you believe, you still have to take action. This can actually be a very powerful thing– because even when you feel down, you can still take action. Even when you doubt yourself– and we all have times when we do– you can still take action. Oh, and by the way, most people who study the origins of humans believe we’re more descended from the Cro-Magnons than the Neanderthals. But it’s a very hot topic these days.

    1. I’ve never actually heard of Cro-Magnons, thank you for expanding my knoweldge 😀 Yes,, we must take action. The biggest hurdle we face in lives is our own self-doubt and fears. If you can make one person believe that they can accomplish anything, at least you’ve done something right 😀

    1. Thank you for reading my blog 🙂 It’s great to hear someone feels inspired by your words. I think it’s almost a way of making sure that you stick to your dreams/ambitions and always know that no matter what obstacles come in your way that with reassurance and belief in yourself you can always make it happen. When you achieve these goals then you can re-write your mission. Your ambition should never end, it should always be continuous. We are amazing beings – there are no limits to our abilities. 🙂

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