The Sufferings of Life

Humanity offers us a diverse range of possibilities which allow us to prosper and evolve into greater beings. We feel love, empathy, pride and we are gifted with the ability to convey these feelings by communicating them onto others or by merely allowing them to change our point of view on life.

Along with these positive blessings comes something we all go through, no matter how gratifyingly different the situations may be. Suffering.

Throughout the course of human history suffering has affected us in great manners. War. Famine. Poverty. All horrendous situations that convey the gravity of suffering that is forced on to great amounts of people at one time. However, throughout the course of history it is known that many triumph through this ordeal and help to shine a light of hope onto others that are suffering in the same situation.

Not all suffering comes from acts of terror or catastrophe though. Suffering is not something that is categorized. It comes from self hatred and feelings of abandonment or guilt. It comes from loss and grief. It stems from the consequences of an act which left those affected hurting.

Suffering can leave us feeling depressed, alien to the world around us. Thinking there is no hope and that no-one around us will ever be able to heal the wounds which we feel will never be mended. It is powerful in the sense that it can overpower our own conscious minds. It can leave us feeling defeated and powerless to the pain we feel, which can allow us to become bitter and hateful to the world around us because you are left feeling like there is no direct solution to this problem that you’re facing.

It’s easy to feel this way. I felt this way for years for reasons out of my control. I had convinced myself that the world was against me and that I would never feel true happiness or contempt again because I would forever have this cloud hovering above my life. Reminding me that my suffering would never go away. As if it was a secret term in the contract that was my creation.

After a while, while getting on with my life I had to stop feeling sorry for myself, and had to allow those feelings of sadness and sorrow to evaporate from my energy and allow the brightness in again.

I lost someone very close to me. After her death I began to question myself and question everything around me until it warped my beliefs and changed me. I became paranoid because this sorrow that I felt, I thought I deserved. It morphed into guilt, because I felt I was to blame. When obviously I wasn’t. I had to let go of this Dragon inside of me breathing its fire against my heart whenever I thought of her. Whenever I thought of what life would be like had I not have been born.

Part of me allowing myself to write and share this with you is me letting go and sharing how I have felt so that hopefully one day you can do the same.

Not everyone goes through the same suffering, but it doesnt mean what you’re going through is any less important than what another goes through. We all suffer, and we all need to remember that we are here on this earth together to share and grow with each other to make the world a unified place where the future generation doesn’t have to feel ashamed to feel. To love and to care.

As I’ve always said, I would rather care too much than not care at all.

There comes a time when what was once restricting you from revealing your true light, will seem to be something that made you who you are today. If we conquer our minds and allow our suffering to help us develop into stronger, confident people, we have truly conquered one of the hardest obstacles life throws at us.

Much love,
Until next time,

x S x



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