“Love and compa…

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”
― Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness(a book i really recommend)

A lesson i have learned throughout my time on this earth is that compassion and empathy are two of the greatest gifts we can share with the world. These two things remind us of what it really is to be human. We are now in our most peaceful era yet, and somehow it seems that all of our brothers and sisters are fighting battles daily. Not with others, but with themselves. We take for granted the things we have been so accustomed to thinking were just part of the parcel of living, when these things are what allow us to live.

Living in a developed country, it’s not hard to see that people envision their next bout of happiness will suddenly emerge when they get the next material thing that they’ve been dreaming about. Hey, maybe it works for some people, but in my opinion i think it is a way for people to pretend that there aren’t deeper issues at hand and it allows the anguish inside to carry on. When i was younger i used to think that because i didn’t have the flashy whatever-IT-was at the time, that my happiness would never rise. How wrong i was. I began to realise that happiness comes from self-worth and constantly evolving myself to be able to cope with what life throws at me. As i grew older everything started to make sense to me finally.

  • Life isn’t a game. i can no longer see life as competetive. I go at my own pace and work hard.
  • Not everyone cares. The hard truth is some people are only out there to see people get hurt. No matter how negative this sounds, it is true.
  • Instead of constantly crying and telling myself that life will never get better, i had to take control of the situation, gather my thoughts, and make myself figure out how i could stop this constant anxiety and these depressive thoughts.

It is hard to admit how you feel, and it’s even harder to stand up to yourself and really tell yourself that you don’t deserve what you’re feeling. Something can be done about it. you just need time to heal.

Till Next time,

Much Love♥

Sinead xx


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