“I know older m…

“I know older men in comedy who can barely feed and clean themselves, and they still work. The women, though, they’re all ‘crazy.’ I have a suspicion — and hear me out, because this is a rough one — that the definition of ‘crazy’ in show business is a woman who keeps talking even after no one wants to f*ck her anymore.”

So i came across this hilarious quote from the ever-so facetious Tina Fey, and it really made me think. Well, when i first read it, it made me laugh as i wondered if i was one of these ‘crazy’ people who talks so much that coitus is out of the question for those who have the misfortune of listening to me waffling on about whatever the topic of the minute is. What makes it even worse is that while conversing about the not-so interesting point(not putting myself down here, i am known for my waffling :P ).. My mind comes up with something new to discuss. It actually confuses me from time to time.

My point here is, it doesn’t matter whether we’re in ‘show business’ or in reality here, people are easy to comprehend someones quirkiness or differences of opinion, as an ideation of ‘crazy’ or ‘insane’.

To clarify for you, Crazy has been defined as ‘One who is or appears insane‘.

Feeling a bit mystified by the whole idea, i had to take into account the fact that everyone’s perceptions of reality are different. What i may seem as completely normal, you may seem is out of order, or completely against your whole idea of societal norms.  By the way, ‘society’ to me, is just a way for people to push their ideas onto others, and if others do not follow, they are automatically ‘outsiders’. I praise outsiders. Live who you are, be proud of who you are. No one should be told how to live, and they most definitely should not be made feel like there is something wrong with them only because they aren’t like everyone else. Really think about it. Would you really like to be like everyone else anyway?

Be yourself. Noone else can do the job better.

Something i really wish people understood is that although we are plagued with stories of suicide and mental illness, sometimes we push it back to the back of our minds and tell ourselves that we are not affected and that it doesn’t apply to us. Some people aren’t so fortunate. Growing up i began to notice how, in my society, it was almost uniform to hide your emotions. Put on a brave face and convince yourself everything was OK and whatever it was that was niggling at you would somehow disappear. Unfortunately, if a mental illness is present, ignoring it will simply allow it to manifest into inner anxiety and torment.

There are many mental illnesses out their that can range from depression, psychotic disorders, anxiety disorders, anti-social disorders(e.g Narcissistic personality disorder). Addictions also fall under the blanket term of mental illness.

Schizophrenia is seen as a psychotic disorder. Bipolar Disorder sufferers may also have psychotic tendencies. Psychotic symptoms can be frightening to those suffering through them for the first time. Some people find that they get easier as time goes on. I myself have no experience with this, so i am just speaking from an outsiders point of view, but if you, or anyone you know, ever comes to you with the strength to open up to you about anything like this, please, give them a chance to unload their feelings to you.

‘Depression is something everyone goes through though, right?’.. Something i’ve heard an amazing amount of times whenever i brought the subject up in conversation. No. It’s not as simple as feeling blue. Depression can hit after a sudden shock, or it may develop over a number of years. It may manifest itself by listening to your inner critic battling with your self-esteem.

I believe life is worth living. That duration in your life when your brain is whispering negatively to you, making you question your existence, your life and what you are worth. IGNORE IT!.. It is POWERFUL. It can and has destroyed many great people out there, whether famous or not, it does not matter. Every life is precious.

I love my brothers and sisters out there! if you every doubt your worth, look in the mirror and say:

“I am amazing. I am worth it. I must stop caring about what others think. If i need help, i need help. My pride cannot win every time. I can do this. I believe in myself. I am Beautiful.”…

 Much Love,

Until Next time,

x S x





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