Finding my Feet…

Some of the things i will be writing on this blog will vary from personal experiences, to philosophical thoughts and little tips i have picked up during my stay here on this wonderful earth of ours. As this is my first post i intend to keep it short and just introduce myself in the hopes that maybe it will allow you to understand my future posts a little better.


I am a sensitive, caring person. Maybe a little over-sensitive at times but strength comes in different forms. I am an activist in ways for Positive Mental Health and i believe that even one bit of good advice for someone in need can hopefully change their perspective even if just for a minute. A positive message can be a wonderful thing when you are in a dark place where optimism seems impossible in your mind at that time. Trust me, I’ve been there. However, my eyes have since been widened to the amount of support there is out there for people, despite the stigma that may attach to those close to you. Life is a wonderful thing. Although this stigma still exists, there is also a lot of support out there for you and all of us. Tablets aren’t always the answer.. A reminder of what life has to offer and how you might overcome your problem without the need for toxic chemicals being forced into your precious body daily to numb you from the symptoms that might go away for a while, but will certainly return when you come off of this medication. Learning how to keep your mind positive throughout negative times allows you to take something from the experience and grow from it. I know i can’t work miracles but i hope to spread some light


Out of all of the things i have attempted in my life. writing is one such thing that has always been on the back burner due to the chaotic roller coaster that is life. We live in a society where the daily duties imposed on us allow us to dismiss from our minds what it is that actually fulfills our inner fire. I started writing alongside my peers in school, obviously, but the passion to share my thoughts and passions through writing developed when i began to come to terms with who i really am and i feel by writing this blog i am helping myself evolve into a mature, enlightened young woman who can learn new things through expanding my thought range and hearing the views of others.

Until the next time,

Peace brothers and sister.

Much Love ♥



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